Venture Forth Now $9.99 and Nearing Release

> We are happy to announce that Venture Forth has seen some great response and reviews with the $9.99 sale. We’ve thought long and hard and decided that making the official release date price $9.99. That’s right! Along with Arclight Worlds working hard to add even more options and content into the game we’ve all decided that launching the game at the sub-$10 price point will make sure the most people will enjoy all our hard work.

So what’s new?

  • We’ve added a new “demo” mode into the game that allows you to experience boss battles and puzzles in a contained level design. When you boot the game up for the first time you’ll be able to choose which mode you’d like to try.

  • We’re continuing to work on the achievement/goal artwork because there are some doozies in there that we want to make sure you can be proud of seeing pop up.

  • Regular performance improvements

  • Continued tweaks to the sandbox mode release (To be released at a later date)

You can keep up on the game’s progress over at steam on the community page here..

Everyone, we’re also excited to be getting on a regular stream schedule of Venture Forth so you can see more of what the game offers prior to the official release date! We look forward to you all joining us, asking questions, and joining in on the fun and exploration of the game.

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