Still a Great Deal: Indie Voyage Indie Games

Got some left overs still? Looking to kick back with a turkey sandwich playing something fresh? We got something for your gaming appetite!

How About Reassembly?

This is a spaceship building and universe-exploration game. You collect resources, expand and grow your fleet, and conquer your personal galaxy.

Reassembly currently holds a very positive status on Steam with more than 1,404 reviews. These include people tagging “Building”, “Space”, “Strategy”, “Sandbox”, and “Action”. You can buy Reassembly and it’s AWESOME soundtrack by Peaks for $18.99 today

Reassebly Steam Game Screenshot

Or, a Retro 90’s Shooter Vibe Adventure Game

Venture Forth is an open-ended first person exploration adventure game set in deep volcanic caverns. Forge your own path within this twisting magical world but beware the danger lurking around every corner. Venture Forth is still in EARLY ACESS and is being continually updated to add customization and interesting new dungeons. Get in on it now to help Arclight Worlds build one of the most fun and addictive adventure games in years.

Venture Forth is on sale for $14.99 through STEAM and right now! Venture Forth screenshot

Support Indie Games and developers this holiday

by buying Reassembly or Venture Forth. They go great with left over Thanksgiving dinner and even better with passionate and fulfilling gaming!

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