Thank You: Indie Games and Developers

A Giant Thank You from Indie Voyage

This Thanksgiving we would like to celebrate the stories that we have helped build along with our great indie game developers. These are the stories we create through gameplay loops, objectives, stories, and worlds the creative minds we work with build. As a publisher with independent developers we’ve created our own stories of success and memories. We’ve loved working with the passionate creators who came to us with an idea and ended up working together through official launch.

We want to celebrate all stories like our customer’s reviews and Steam Early Access feedback. Whether the feedback is positive or negative our developers are able to hear these stories and adapt them into game updates and future stories to be told. Our team has learned along with our developers to hone in on the stories that are representative of a bigger picture opportunity or weakness in a game to iterate and build those changes into the next release. Today is the perfect opportunity for us to reflect on just how important each story is; a thumbs up or down, a retweet, a Facebook like, or a written review. They all carry a message for ourselves, our developers, or a specific game which helps Indie Voyage and our developers build a better game to play.

Working in the game industry really is a celebration of experiences and the stories about them. As a work of art, a game can tell a literal or figurative story that the designer and developer have put together for their own personal reasons and motives. The experience of playing through that story as a gamer can leave a lasting impression that you retell for years, comparing stories among friends. So, from Indie Voyage, to all the gamers out there and to all the independent developers out there: Thank You for sharing your stories with us. We hope to make more with you in the near future…

STAY TUNED for the Official Venture Forth Release

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