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Like Ballers

As of today, Chris and I have been on two different podcasts. They are both coming out soon, which is great, and we had an amazing time recording them.

Indie Mages

Indie Mages

First was with the Indie Mages: Vincent and Tim. Chris kicked things off with them and I joined in about halfway through. Those guys were very laid back and a lot of fun to chat with. Since I came in a bit late, I didn’t get to hear (not yet, anyway) what they chatted about during that time, but I did come in when Chris was being asked about his favorite games growing up. We talked about that topic for a bit and moved on to Chris’ and IVs business relationship, how it works, and what the future for it holds.

It was definitely a positive discussion and I’d certainly look forward to doing it again. Maybe with Venture Forth…

Indie Game Pod

And last weekend we had separate interviews with the mystery man known only as Action from Indie Game Pod. An exceptionally nice person, we had a decent discussion about what Indie Voyage really is and, more importantly, what it means for future indie games. He asked some truly important questions about the relationship between publishers and the indie scene. It’s something that is changing and it’s vital that the soul of indie games is maintained as publishers (like IV) come in.

This isn’t to say publishers aren’t already rampant in the indie game scene. Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Square Enix are all indie publishers with active indie sourcing programs. So when you look at a company like Indie Voyage, a duo looking to remain small and agile, serving its games as best it can, we’re microscopically small potatoes even in this relatively small space. And that list doesn’t even include Behemoth and Devolver Digital, both of whom are currently operating as publishers of indie games and have been for some time.

And that’s the paragraph I wish I said on the broadcast :P. Sadly, the broadcast was at an eye-blinkingly early 11am, and my brain kept going off on wild tangents, as you’ll hear (assuming the interview gets posted). Chris’ interview, I’m assuming, went a lot more smoothly, though you’d have to ask him.

What Else

Um, hey, if you have any interest in interviewing me or one of the game devs, just let me know.


Fun facts!

  • Working in games since 2002
  • I’ve worked on nearly a dozen AAA console sports titles (QA capacity)
  • I’ve worked on pre-smartphone mobile games (probably more than a dozen of those)
  • I’ve worked on games for Leapfrog, V-Tech, and Fisher Price specialty consoles
    • This includes working on IP like SpongeBob Squarepants, Disney Princess, Disney Fairies, Disney*Pixar Cars, Winnie the Pooh, and more!
  • I’ve worked for not one, not two, but three different companies integrating gambling into casual games (yeah, somebody who worked in games integrating either gambling or the education of children… hooray America)
  • I’ve worked on several failed mobile and social game concepts using IP like Ninja Warrior (the gameshow), Rock of Ages (the Broadway show), and Burn Notice (though the latter did actually launch).
    • These failed for a wide variety of reasons from “flat-out cancelled” to “never-got-the-dough”
  • I took time out from my busy game career to deliver pizza and, for three months, live at home
    • All due to necessity. This isn’t the glamorous career it seems.
  • I’ve worked for extended stays on games in the following locations:
    • England (2 weeks: bingo parlors around the country, no really)
    • Vegas (6 weeks: poker-themed live gameshow)
    • Cruise ship (6 weeks around the Baltic Sea, Black Sea, and Mediterranean, installing a live, uber fancy bingo and trivia gameshow, complete with professional host)
    • India (5 weeks on a web-based MMO, which never really took off)
  • And now I’m attempting to publish indie games while holding down a regular gig (hello, 80-hour weeks :) ).

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