A Penchant for Plunder

by indievoyagerob

The Town of Vervenboop I have a hankering. I’m feeling a strong desire, right now, and that desire is to grab loot at the expense of myself and others.

I’ve heard that this Zavix Tower place in the town of Vervenboop has loot, and lots of it. What’s more, I hear there are folks like me just sitting there waiting for the moment when they can ascend the tower and murder some monsters and grab some of their precious, precious loot.


The Rogue First, there’s Bedow the Rogue. I don’t trust rogues. I worry that once I get my treasure, they’ll just steal it away from me and cackle all the way back to the tavern where they’ll brag about their monstrous deeds. Fortunately, I’ve sized up Bedow, and he’s kind of a weak little nothing. Good for a laugh, though. That’s something I’ll need when walking around killing things.


The Mage Next, there’s Loofah the mage. What a flippin’ weirdo. I mean, she’s enchanted her eyes to have no color! Who does that? And she’s got a case of RBF that’ll melt your soul. I mean, you HAVE to have that kind of badass mentality in your party. That’s just Adventuring 101. And believe me, I’ve passed adventuring 101 with flying colors… in the school of hard knocks, baby!


The Priest Let’s not forget Jerald the Priest. Sadly, you have to have a priestly type in your little group. I mean, don’t forget to check his or her credentials, because the LAST thing you want is to have some jerk-ass Priest on your hands that will not only give you a guilt complex about the way you life your life, BUT they couldn’t heal a paper cut if you gave them the salve to do it. Luckily, Jerald’s AA rated (we couldn’t afford the AAA guy).


The Warrior And then, of course, there’s me: little ol’ Blargarine. But if you ever call me “Little Ol’” to my face, I’ll kick your nether-quarters to the Nether-lands. And that may or may not be very far from Vervenboop. I’ve not yet seen a map, as such.


Fun facts!

  • Working in games since 2002
  • I’ve worked on nearly a dozen AAA console sports titles (QA capacity)
  • I’ve worked on pre-smartphone mobile games (probably more than a dozen of those)
  • I’ve worked on games for Leapfrog, V-Tech, and Fisher Price specialty consoles
    • This includes working on IP like SpongeBob Squarepants, Disney Princess, Disney Fairies, Disney*Pixar Cars, Winnie the Pooh, and more!
  • I’ve worked for not one, not two, but three different companies integrating gambling into casual games (yeah, somebody who worked in games integrating either gambling or the education of children… hooray America)
  • I’ve worked on several failed mobile and social game concepts using IP like Ninja Warrior (the gameshow), Rock of Ages (the Broadway show), and Burn Notice (though the latter did actually launch).
    • These failed for a wide variety of reasons from “flat-out cancelled” to “never-got-the-dough”
  • I took time out from my busy game career to deliver pizza and, for three months, live at home
    • All due to necessity. This isn’t the glamorous career it seems.
  • I’ve worked for extended stays on games in the following locations:
    • England (2 weeks: bingo parlors around the country, no really)
    • Vegas (6 weeks: poker-themed live gameshow)
    • Cruise ship (6 weeks around the Baltic Sea, Black Sea, and Mediterranean, installing a live, uber fancy bingo and trivia gameshow, complete with professional host)
    • India (5 weeks on a web-based MMO, which never really took off)
  • And now I’m attempting to publish indie games while holding down a regular gig (hello, 80-hour weeks :) ).

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