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Indie Voyage helps indie developers turn their passion for making games into sustainable revenue, so they can keep doing what they love. As a small and agile team, Indie Voyage mirrors the devs we represent. We take on any role necessary to make devs successful.

By specializing in the volatile world of crowdfunding, we reduce one of the primary points of stress that any modern indie game goes through. We also have over a dozen solid years of production and design experience tied to over 50 successfully launched, unique products.

Indie Voyage is a game publisher that believes the old publishing model is dead. We’ve come up with a new business model that backs up our belief in what our team adds to your new company:

  1. We take nothing out of the Kickstarter. All Kickstarter funds go directly to the project being built. The results in a non-inflated, but realistic Kickstarter funding amount each and every time. We’ll ensure you get the funds you need to keep production going through until launch.

  2. Our cut is 15% of sales of the final product. We get paid purely after a successful Kickstarter and launch. We are beholden not just to the indie developer, but to the game-playing customer. We ensure that all promises made in the Kickstarter are delivered. As passionate game players, ourselves, we take this promise very seriously.

Because of this business model, we don’t partner with just anybody. Indie Voyage will only ever represent games that we want to play, games made by groups serious about making games, and anything less is unacceptable.

If you’ve got a game you’d like to pitch us, or know a developer with a great title who could use our services, drop us a line:

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Colin boat

Colin is a lawyer with a practice focusing on indie game developers and companies using crowdfunding. Finding that many of his clients needed more than just legal advice, he teamed up with Rob to form Indie Voyage and help developers with a range of issues. He often speaks at game developer conferences such as PAX Dev on the legal and crowdfunding topics.

Rob boat

Rob has been an employee of the game industry for too long, working at a variety of well-knowns and not-so-well-knowns and no-longer-knowns like Visual Concepts, THQ, SkillJam/WorldWinner, WayForward, TimePlay, Disney, Gamiana, and most recently (and concurrently), b Spot. After a fateful meeting with Colin Sullivan, Indie Voyage was born and the world will never be the same again (we hope) (but in a good way).

Christine boat

Christine is a bootstrapper with entrepreneurial spirit taking her PR, Marketing, Brand and Production experience from independent studios, mid-sized and corporate video game companies (and other industries) to Indie Voyage. Her passions are in video games, running, dessert, comic books, Marvel, R&B, all things noir, PlayStation and Star Wars (she carries a Stormtrooper and takes pictures of their adventures on her blog). You can find her at GDC, E3, IndieCade, SDCC, PAX, gaming related things and @sdwifey.