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Zavix Tower

Zavix Tower is an old-school, party-based, first-person RPG with roguelike elements and an upgradeable and persistent town.

Zavix Tower

Zavix Tower is the third game in our stable while actually being the 2nd game to launch. We signed with them much further along in the process and have been serving more of a marketing role, as well as aiding in the transition from free-to-play title to single-payment. We’re very excited for Zavix Tower to grace our pages as it represents a Western RPG genre that has been surpassed by real-time solo titles like Diablo, Fallout, Oblivion, etc.

The roots of Might and Magic and The Bard’s Tale are far reaching in Western gaming: turn-based and party-based rpgs. They represent a digital version of the tabletop RPG which is homegrown in the states. Zavix Tower draws inspiration from them and gives the audience some new content to dig into.

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Venture Forth

Venture Forth is an open-ended first person exploration adventure game set in deep volcanic caverns. Forge your own path within this twisting magical world but beware the danger lurking around every corner. Spelunking sounds by Peaks.

Indie Voyage Game, Venture Forth

Venture Forth represents the first developer for which Indie Voyage has had to help source art and audio for the actual production process. The game has gone from looking decent to looking fantastic as Jeremy hired artist Alex Rude to help out.

Additionally, Jeremy has put high importance on making the game atmospheric, hiring Reassembly sound designer, Peaks, to write the soundtrack and help produce the effects. Peaks, in combination with effects designer Juan Delgado, have ensured the game is engrossing in all aspects.

Indie Voyage is currently working towards ensuring the game has a smooth transition out of Early Access.

Venture Forth is in Early Access!


A spaceship building and universe-exploration game. Collect resources, expand and grow your fleet, and conquer your personal galaxy. Stellar ambience by Peaks.


Reassembly is the first title published by Indie Voyage and will always hold a special place in our hearts. Arthur (Anisoptera Games) worked with us after 2 years of personal development. We aided him in funding a successful KickStarter, and helped him get the word out to tens of thousands of satisfied fans. Additionally, we suggested the name Reassembly from the original title, Gamma Void.

Our primary work with Arthur was in running his Kickstarter, helping fulfill the gifts to his backers, aiding in the marketing push of his game, maintaining communications with his Kickstarter backers, etc. Arthur represents one of the great understated set of indie developers: the working professional turned indie dev. This is an incredibly difficult transition and we’re so proud to have helped him make the jump.

Reassembly continues to be incredibly highly rated, and is a fan favorite in the genre (holding steady at 94% 18 months after launch).

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